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Google adwords has been the most successful form of marketing to date for our business with sales and enquiries increasing by 70% since we subscribed to the service. Infinity Technologies has provided us with an unparalleled service and support relating to Google Adwords and we highly recommend it to all business looking for a new and exciting marketing approach.

- Christian Marchegiani, THUMP Training Systems


Why use SEM?

Google Adwords is a type of internet search marketing where ads appear next to Google search results and the advertiser pays an amount every time their ad is clicked by a prospect. It allows your ads to connect with your customers at the precise moment when they're looking for your products or services, and you only pay when the customer clicks on your ad and connects to your website. You don't pay to list your ad, you only pay for clicks, hence the terms Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Click (CPC).

What is Google Adwords

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What is Google Adwords
What is Google Adwords

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What is Google Adwords

Why use Google Adwords?

Google Adwords may possibly be the most powerful marketing tool ever developed. With Adwords, you can reach a global audience of over 800 million internet users and acquire new customers from as little as $0.05 per acquisition.

Advantages of using Google Adwords

  • Global Reach: The Google Network reaches more than 80% of Internet users, making it the most effective website to place your advertisements.
  • Targeted Advertising: The secret to the success of Adwords advertising is that the ads are targeted to the people who are most interested in them. You define the keywords and phrases that your ad will appear on, and they will appear the instant someone searches for them. Got a specific model of digital camera on sale? Create an Adword campaign just for that model and you will reach customers who have an interest in that model. Google Adwords even allows you to decide which country, state, metro area, or geographical radius your ads will appear in.
  • Pay per Click: With Pay per Click, you only pay when a customer actually visits your site and not for the listing the ad. If only other forms of advertising was like this! Each click can cost as little as US$0.05 and the Google AdWords Discounter tool ensures that you only pay 1 cent more than your closest competition.
  • Budget Control: Google Adwords allows you to set the maximum you are willing to pay for a click and the maximum you want to spend each day. So there's no need to worry about your Adwords costs spiraling out of control.
  • Measurable Results: Google Adwords includes management and reporting tools that allow you to gauge how successful your campaigns are going in realtime. Detailed traffic statistic analysis allows you to see which keywords and phrases are successful, how many clicks you receive, how many convert to sales, and more.
  • New Market Opportunities: Although Google Adwords has been around for a few years already, it is still a relatively new form of marketing. Now is the time to act, as there are still many open and uncontested opportunities in Adwords. By creating your Adwords campaign now, you can dominate Adwords before your competition even finds out about it.
  • Get Results Fast: With Google Adwords, your ads appear the instant you create them. You can be attracting new customers in as little as 15 minutes.

Disadvantages of Adwords

  • Complicated: Although easy to setup, it is very difficult to run an Adwords advertising campaign effectively. The Google Adwords ranking is calculated based on a combination of the Cost per Click and the Click Through Rate for each keyword that you choose. Google uses this formula to promote effective advertising, and to eliminate ineffective ads. Simply paying more for your clicks will not guarantee you a top position in Adwords. Google may even suspend and disable your ads if they are not performing well. A high level of expertise is required to use Adwords successfully.
  • Mistakes are Costly: Advertising on Google Adwords can be costly for inexperienced users. If your ads are not optimized, you will be paying much more per click than your competitors just to maintain the same ranking. Furthermore, if you choose the wrong keywords or message, you will be paying for clicks that do not lead to any sales.
  • Time Consuming: Finding the right keywords and setting up your campaign is just the start. To successfully run a Google Adwords campaign, you must be prepared for ongoing monitoring and optimisation. Google Adwords is not a set-and-forget tool, and in order to maintain a high click through rate and high ranking placement, regular tweaking and maintenance is required.


Google Adwords is a powerful new advertising tool that can help any business reach new customers, often more effectively than any other means of advertising. But setting up an effective Adwords campaign is not a simple process, and requires time, dedication and most important of all, a high level of expertise.

Put simply, Adwords has a steep learning curve and rewards experienced users and punishes inexperienced ones.

Our Services

We are the experts in Google Adwords. We know how Adwords works and we know how to get results for your business. We offer a full end to end approach to implementing Google Adwords campaigns, for clients in Hong Kong or anywhere in the world.

  • Our Solution

    Google Adwords Campaign Setup
    Google Adwords Campaign Management
  • Solution Details

    We charge a once off setup fee to design and setup your Adwords campaign. Campaign setup includes:

    • Analysing your business and website and determining the best strategy to market the products or services you wish to sell with Google Adwords
    • Registration and setting up of your Google Adwords account
    • Researching and defining the most effective and relevant keywords and phrases for your campaign
    • Developing effective advertising copy for your campaign
    • Advising you on a recommended daily/monthly budget

    We charge a monthly fee (Pay per Click costs not included) to continually monitor and optimize your Adwords campaign to help you achieve better results. Campaign Management includes:

    • Constant optimizing of your campaign, including modifying keywords, ad copy, cost per click, and campaign settings as needed to achieve maximum ROI on your campaign
    • Regular performance reporting of results including click through rate and sales conversion tracking
    • 24/7 automated bid management
    • Monitoring of your Adwords competition and using superior campaign strategies to beat your competition
    • Advising you of potential new campaign opportunities for your products and services

Real Results from One of Our Clients

In just over 3 months, we have more than doubled the number of enquiries while reducing the cost per enquiry by more than 20%.
Real results from one of our clients

Why You Must Act Now!

Each time a potential customer conducts a search for your products in Google, and your website is not in the results, your company is losing potential business! Take the first step and get ahead of your competition by contacting us now.

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