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Government website designs, regardless of whether they are state or local government authorities (LGA's) or local utility providers, all require large volumes of information conveyed to a broad and diverse audience.

Government website designs need to cater to the broader demographic and must be easily-viewed, one-stop informational portals that are just as easily accessed at front end, as they are at the back.

Websites for government departments and organisations such as local utility providers and local governments, need to be as dynamic as they are customer-centric. In Australia today there are hundreds of local government bodies, ranging from councils to roads to water and electricity authorities. Websites for all these organisations see a high volume of web-traffic, all with vastly differing needs.

eWave is skilled in creating user friendly websites of great complexity.Our website consultants can advise, the right information architecture and interfaces to most effectively present vast amounts of content. By using advanced open source CMS technologies, our clients have full ownership of their websites and do not need to pay any ongoing license fees.

The end product is a site that works just as efficiently for those that manage it, as it does for end-users.

Website Design Case Studies

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Mount Isa Chamber Of Commerce


The Mount Isa Chamber of Commerce services the the commercial, industrial, civic and general interests of business in the North West.

The new Mt Isa Chamber Of Commerce website design represent the colours and forms consistent with the primary mining industry of Mt Isa, this set against the sunset like orange background familiar to the locals there. The website is built on an open source CMS and utilises numerous component extensions. The website administrator can manage a directory of Chamber members and also manage a photo gallery.


Technologies used

  • Joomla CMS
  • Image Gallery
  • Directory Compoonent
Launch Website
City of Sydney Parking


The City of Sydney Parking is an informational website for parking related information in Sydney.

The website was designed to have a fresh and refreshing look. The user friendly design allows users to quickly and conveniently get access to parking information for the city of Sydney.


Technologies used

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Joomla CMS
  • Backup System
  • Interactive map
  • eNewsletter

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