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iPhone / iPad Website Design

Gain an edge over your competitors by optimising your website for Mobiles & iPhone displays now.

Gain an edge over your competitors by optimizing your website for mobile & iphone displays now.

Internet enabled mobile phones have had phenomenon uptake rates over the last couple of years and the growth of mobile web browsing is expected to continue growing steadily throughout 2009. With more sophisticated handsets like the Apple iPhone (and the many iPhone competitors) being released on the market and mobile carriers providing more competitive pricing for data, it is inevitable that more and more consumers are turning to their mobiles to browse websites, search online directories, make bookings, enquiries and purchase products.

Most website designs in Hong Kong are not optimised for viewing on mobile phones which is resulting in an increase in the number of businesses rethinking their online strategies to capture the growing mobile internet market. Once a customer has a bad experience viewing a website on a mobile phone, it is highly unlikely they will return.

There are many serious considerations with Mobile Website Design that needs to be addressed in the design and development of mobile sites for the user to get the most out of each visit, and most importantly, find what they came to the site in the first place for.

eWave focuses on developing mobile optimised sites that have high level usability as well as delivering the required content and functionality of the site, restructured page by page for mobile applications to work with a high degree of effectiveness and ease of navigating on a small handset.

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iPhone Website Design & iPhone Application Development

IPhone are the new buzz of excitement in mobile web sites. With many multimedia rich applications being developed for the iphone, companies are able to deliver richer and more dynamic based concepts for iphone websites. Apple have sold nearly ten million iphones to date, so no longer is optimising a website for a mobile about eliminating the use of images, content, functionality and multimedia- an iphone user is able to engage more with the website and a lot more features can be built into a site which is going to be viewed over an iPhone.

Sites developed for iphones can take advantage of many new web technologies that are integrated into many sophisticated websites that your desktop browser can support, such as:
CSS, XHTML, Flash, audio and rich images, Java scripting, ecommerce and more.


Our Clients

  • Msf Hk
    MSF HK

    eWave developed a campaign mobile website for a fund raising event. It supports MSF's field projects through raising awareness of humanitarian crises, recruiting field workers and raising funds.

  • Gammon

    A leading construction company in Southeast Asia for over 50 years. eWave has developed an iPhone application for their repair and maintenance department.

  • Pure

    A company with Retail, Fitness and Dinning businesses. eWave has developed an iPhone application for their restaurants section.


    A financial company and a leading provider of premier pension and trust services. eWave has developed an iPhone application for Trust services.

  • Olympus

    A leading manufacturers of optical and digital products. eWave has developed an iPad application for their medical services.

  • Legrand Group
    Legrand Group

    A global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, eWave has developed mobile responsive application for their website.

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